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  • John Farnham: Finding the Voice
    Mature Audiences
    96 Minutes
    John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John, Jimmy Barnes, Céline Dion, Robbie Williams
    Consumer Advice
    Coarse language
    John Farnham: Finding the Voice tells the untold story of an Australian music icon. In this first authorised biopic, we follow Farnham’s life from the quiet suburbs of Melbourne to ‘60s pop fame, through incredible highs and lows, and ultimately to record-breaking success as ‘Australia’s Voice’. John Farnham was 38 years old when Whispering Jack was released. Nobody ever questioned that Farnham could sing -- but the challenge to find his artistic voice and become Australia’s most trusted and beloved performer took half a lifetime. Whispering Jack is still the highest selling Australian album of all time, and this powerful documentary tracks the personal and public journey that has made Farnham Australia’s greatest and most beloved musical artist.

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